Tourplan services are designed to help you through two important phases: Implementation and Ongoing. The implementation phase is the foremost task once you decide to buy a Tourplan license. We provide a smooth pathway guiding you through questions such as:

  • can I have Tourplan in the cloud or should I install it in-house?
  • how do I get it installed and set up?
  • what are the costs?
  • how will my staff and I adapt?

Implementation Services consist of:

  • Implementation Project Planning
  • Management Seminar(s)
  • Multiple Training Phases
  • Live cutover
  • Transition to the ongoing phase

This is an area Tourplan excels at – we have 25 years proven experience, a great depth of expertise, and our geographic office spread is designed to facilitate face-to-face interaction during key periods. Quite simply – you put yourself in our hands and we guide you through one of the more complex periods in your business history. We get a buzz from seeing you develop to the stage of saying, “How did we ever do this without Tourplan?”

During the Ongoing Phase you enjoy:

  • Help desk support
  • Consultancy and advice on any aspect of Tourplan
  • Tourplan product maintenance
  • Edition enhancement – improvements and new products emerging as part of our ongoing innovation cycle.

At any stage you can opt to upgrade editions or take additional training for new staff or for help in implementing a new part of Tourplan.


If you opt for an in-house solution Tourplan staff will complete installation of your Tourplan software package on your Microsoft platform. This can be an in-house or your own hosted platform and includes the physical installation plus configuration to suit your server. We will also test your Internet connection to ensure online access to our help desk support services.
Alternatively our cloud based hosted solutions offer a simple turn-key solution where after a few simple questions we complete the installation for you, and you use your favourite online device to access your own no-fuss Tourplan system from anywhere you want.


The management seminar is a key element in a successful implementation and helps ensure you receive maximum benefit from your Tourplan system. This seminar is held on your premises, typically takes a half to one day, and will involve your management, supervisors and one of our senior consultants. For smaller sites a downscaled seminar is possible to suit your own specific business needs.

The objectives of the management seminar are:

  • To obtain a detailed picture of operational, reporting and accounting requirements so that the Tourplan software can be tuned to the best possible configuration to meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • To establish the key reports required on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to assist your management and staff to increase productivity and company profitability.
  • To establish a detailed and practical implementation plan including specific tasks, staff allocation, training dates and a cut-over strategy.


Tourplan training and consultancy is provided to all our clients to ensure that you receive maximum benefit from our software and secondly to ensure Tourplan is set-up for and tuned to your specific requirements.
Tourplan training is carried out in your offices and online by one or more of our consultants. We normally consult with and train your supervisor who in turn provides training to their individual staff members. This is usually the most cost effective method of staff training. Training content is determined by your individual requirements and your implementation plan. Full Tourplan training typically requires 10-15 days from our consultant with a minimum of 2 on-site sessions.
Implementation can take from 3 months for small and middle sized companies through to 6 or more months for larger organisations.
Tourplan iS software is supplied with a comprehensive set of online Training Guides.


We have the following courses designed for classroom style training in groups of up to 10 staff per course. These courses are run by Tourplan consultants:

  • Systems Supervisor course (2 day)
  • Messaging course (1 day)
  • Basic booking, operations and documentation course (1 day)
  • Advanced booking, operations and documentation course (1 day)
  • Accounts transaction entry course (1 day)
  • Accounts supervisor course (2 day)
  • Accounts management course (1 day)

These courses are designed to meet the requirements of staff in 3 levels of your business:

  • Staff Courses which provide operational and accounting staff with the skills required to process their daily work via Tourplan e.g. Basic booking, operations and documentation course, Advanced booking, operations & documentation course and the Accounts transaction entry course.
  • Supervisor Courses which provide departmental supervisors with the skills to handle their more complex daily, monthly and annual requirements e.g. Accounts supervisor course, Messaging course and System supervisor course.
  • Management Courses which provide an overall understanding of how Tourplan works and the benefits that can be gained from the system e.g. Accounts management course.

You can contact us at any time to discuss your requirements.


Tourplan offers a superb on-going support and maintenance service to all our clients including:

  • Help desk receipt of phone, email and myTourplan enquiries
  • Timely response to all enquiries
  • Remote access to diagnose problems and implement solutions
  • Support call logging and monitoring on a client by client basis
  • Access to “myTourplanan award winning Tourplan user portal incorporating the Tourplan knowledgebase, plus our online support system for logging, viewing and updating your enquiries.

Included within this support service is the Software maintenance and enhancement program which provides:

  • Technical/development back-up to enquiries not able to be resolved by the help desk
  • Maintenance – you are protected from software faults, in that these are corrected, and transferred to you on completion.
  • We explore compatibility and benefits of new operating systems, networking and hardware environments, and integration with word processing, desk-top and work-group tools, communications and other application interfaces.
  • Enhancement and Development – new software features and enhancements are available to you on release at no additional cost (apart from the physical implementation of upgrades and any additional training required).
  • Invitation to Tourplan Roadshows where we present new features, plan directions and invite user input.


Tourplan is continuously being enhanced to take advantage of the latest technology advances in software, hardware and communications for the practical benefit of our clients. Other major drivers in the on-going development of Tourplan are the changing business requirements of our clients throughout the world.


Tourplan employs consultants with vast and practical experience of tour operations and accounting. In addition to providing our clients with training, advice and support, our consultants produce a range of White Papers and FAQs which are documents outlining practical solutions to commonly asked questions from our users. These invaluable documents are available from the knowledgebase via myTourplan.


At a deeper level Tourplan offers custom development services to adapt non-core components of the system. Web sites, connectivity to other systems, third party accounting system interfaces and Excel/Office integrations are common areas we regularly work in, alongside our clients, on a project by project basis.


Tourplan is a technology business with many layers of available information. Your local office will be pleased to discuss which level of information in which area will be most useful to meet your specific requirements. Please feel free to contact us.